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Chinese Language Option

The Chinese language option of our program is for students who wish to further advance their Chinese in an intensive environment. Students who select this option will stay in Beijing for the whole duration of the program. We recommend this option for returning students and for those who have already traveled extensively in China.

The Chinese language option offers 6 hours of intensive Chinese studies daily except for Sunday. In the morning, students will take Chinese language classes with no more than 5 students per class, focusing on oral and written communication. In the afternoon students will have one on one tutoring with Chinese student teachers to further expand the students' vocabulary and communication skills. The classes and tutoring will be individually designed to suit the Chinese language level of the student.

Program activities such as Chinese calligraphy and visits to Confucius Temple, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, Chinese Science and Technology Museum, and Beijing Ballet are included in the language option.

The Chinese language option runs for 10 days. Those students who wish to participate in this extension must apply at the time of submitting their application.

Program fee:

The program fee for the language option is $4,560 which includes:

  • Tuition and course materials for all language and culture courses
  • Intensive language classes and tutoring in lieu of travel to Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Xi'an, Hangzhou and Shanghai.
  • Double occupancy dormitory at Foreign Students Hotel at BeiHang University
  • Three meals a day for the duration of the program
  • Weekend excursions in or near Beijing
  • Train tickets from Beijing to Inner Mongolia
  • Tours in Inner Mongolia
  • Group travel insurance
  • All admission fees
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off upon arrival and departure


Day 1-22 Same as the regular program
Day 23 Chinese class / Tutoring / Beijing Ballet Show
Day 24 Chinese class / Tutoring / Calligraphy
Day 25 Chinese class / Tutoring / Ancient Culture Street
Day 26 Chinese class / Tutoring
Day 27 Confucius Temple / Mao Zedong Hall
Day 28 Chinese class / Tutoring
Day 29 Chinese class / Tutoring
Day 30 Chinese class / Tutoring
Day 31 Lama Temple / Silk Market / Dinner at CCTV Tower
Day 32 Leave Beijing / End of program




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