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Shanghai, is a bustling metropolis located at the mouth of the Yangtze River. Connected with Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces in the west, the city is exposed to the East China Sea in the east. With a total area of 6,341 square kilometers (about 2,448 square miles) and a population of more than 13 million, Shanghai takes its place among the world's biggest, most booming urban areas. The city of Shanghai epitomizes modern, urban China as its history is one of its most intriguing features. In particular, in the 1930s and 40s, Shanghai was a paradise for adventurers. Tycoons, millionaires, knights-errant and great beauties came to this attractive city to realize their dreams, and countless moving stories, both sad and joyful, were played out here.

Shanghai is also a great destination for shoppers, and the best-known shopping street in China - Nanjing Road - is located here. This exciting avenue is lined with well-known shops and department stores selling clothing, food, couple rings, and specialty goods. Shanghai is a paradise for gourmets, too. Here, visitors can enjoy a taste of all the different kinds of food in the world. Shanghainese cuisine, however, is a special hybrid. There are several famous old restaurants in Shanghai that are not to be missed.

After the Xi'an trip, students will board a flight from Xi’an to Shanghai. Students will stay at an international hotel in the center of the city. At Shanghai, students will visit the world’s third tallest TV tower, the Oriental Pearl Tower. It has already come to symbolize Shanghai and is honored as one of the ten best views in the city.

Next stop is the Yuyuan Garden, a well-restored Suzhou-style garden created during the Ming Dynasty. The garden is immensely popular with local residents and visiting Chinese. Students will have a majority of the both touring the garden and also shopping at the old city that surrounds the Yuyuan Garden. In addition, students will visit the Jade Buddha Temple, located in northwest Shanghai, the temple is most popular Buddhist temple in Shanghai, drawing both worshippers and tourists. It is famous for two jade Buddha statues, one of which is reclining and the other seated.

A walk along the Bund allows the students to see old European architecture on one side and across the Huangpu river, an ultra-modern skyline of skyscrapers that rivals New York City. The Bund and Nanjing road will cater to the student’s final shopping urges in China.

A short day trip to Hangzhou by train will greet the students with the famous West Lake and also take an adventurous raft down the Shuangxi River. Students will return to Shanghai to visit the famous Shanghai Museum where more than 120,000 precious and rare works of art are displayed in a four story building. Students will also visit a popular destination among the new generation of Shanghainese, Xintiandi. The area is an urban tourist attraction imbued with the city's historical and cultural legacies. Shanghai's Xintiandi attraction was created by converting residential blocks into a multifunctional dining, retail and entertainment center flowing with restaurants, boutiques, cafes and bars of an international standard.



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